Tuesday, May 24, 2011

eLearning: Reachability

eLearning... in a whole is a very innovative and highly inspirational mode of grabbing stones in your sack of knowledge. The difference arises in the achieve of such mode. Again the learning needs no boundaries or limitations but in some way this is happening and this happening gets classified with the person having it. The person gets divided due to the area it resides in.

eLearning comes out in full flow in the highly developed nations and few parts of developing nation, but apart from that the eLearning comes to a full stop as people don't get resources to get into.

Some countries such as African countries, few of Asian countries are still debating on the future of education. People in these countries fight over just to earn their livelihood. A wholesome debate occurs, as they prefer doing hard work over smart work. This leads to the down of education.

In a nutshell, eLearning needs a lot to be implemented to gain the reach & area for the betterment of the nation and the people.

What you say?

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